Message from the President

Nowadays time changes faster than we thought. The automobile industry which we belong to has been developing very rapidly and remarkably. Now we have moved to the globalization and the world wide competition among the makers has become very keen. Nevertheless, we have been continuing to improve our constitution by not only adjusting to any new changes but also by keeping into a high level of technical innovation at all time. We are very fortunate to have gained a good reputation from our customers by doing very well in this industry.

We are good at producing tubular products by using steel , stainless and aluminum pipes mainly. Moreover, we endeavor to develop and manufacture automotive parts by using our production know-how which is our strength in this field. Especially, we have made our own equipment designed by our technical staff such as production machinery and testing facilities. Those help us to push ahead strongly.”

Sincerely yours,
Sadahiro Tanaka

Mission Vision Core Values
We as Bestex endeavor to  manufacture
high quality automotive parts and
supply them to the world wide automotive manufacture.In order to accomplish our idea and survival, we have to maintain the best technology as long as possible.

We seek for corporate strength with
our own technology which can be
evaluated in the automobile industry. However, it is not an easy task to be an excellent position in the metal industry which generally any unique technology used to be hardly admitted. Our goal is to concentrate on pipe fabrication so that our position will be excelled.

We think that it is very important to join the customers development with our special ability and make many proposals which are unique and competitive. In order to achieve such ideas, we have to make a constant endeavor from development and trial up to mass production, which is consistent production system. In addition, we will keep improving the technology everyday so that we can establish a production technology that no one can beat us in this field.

Plant Overview
  • Bestex India is a joint venture between
    • Bestex Japan : 91.57%,
    • Marujun Japan : 3.75%,
    • Masuda Japan : 2.34%
    • Honda Cars India Ltd. : 2.34%



  • Location : Suppliers Park, Honda Siel Plant II, Tapukara Industrial Area, Khushkhera, Distt. Alwar Rajasthan


  • Facilities :
    • Press shop
    • Weld Shop [14 Robots]
    • Die Maintenance facilities
    • Tube Bending facilities
    • Fuel Filler assembly Line
    • Steering Rack Assembly Line
    • Hood Lock Assembly Line
    • CED Paint Shop
    • Zn Ni Plating Shop









  • Start of production : Sep 2008
  • Customer : Honda Cars India  Ltd
Our Technology